Weekly business menu and family menu on weekends

In addition to our constantly updated chef offer, we offer a weekly changing business menu
and a family menu on weekends.


Whiskey duck liver brüleé, wild pear jam

3 250.-

Marinated salmon fillet, goat cheese, mulberry (gf)

3 250.-

Ham and cheese selection, dips

2 250.-


Wild mushroom cream soup, fried Jerusalem artichokes (gf, lf, v)

2 150.-

Rooster soup (gf)

2 550.-

Main course

Pasta with curd cheese, dill, spinach cream (v)

2 450.-

Buckwheat, broccoli, spicy tomato sauce (lf, gf, v, vegan)

3 350.-

Branzino fillet, pak choi, potatoes, butter sauce (lf, gf)

6 650.-

Prawn skewers, mango salad (lf, gf)

5 550.-

Caesar salad "sandwich", chicken

3 350.-

Chicken gyoza in paprikash sauce, sour cream foam (lf)

3 850.-

Duck breast, purple potato gnocchi, saffron apple cream (lf)

5 650.-

Smoke marinated pork ribs, roasted pepper salad, celery pearls, potatoes (gf, lf)

4 550.-

Tonkatsu (Japanese fried beef), roasted root vegetables (lf)

6 250.-


Tiramisu with fruits, basil ice cream

2 150.-

Orange chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream

2 150.-

Passion cream ’soup’, fresh fruits (lf, gf, v)

2 150.-

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