Weekly business menu and family menu on weekends

In addition to our constantly updated chef offer, we offer a weekly changing business menu
and a family menu on weekends.


Marinated salmon with beets, smoked quail eggs (gf)

3 650.-

Duck liver brulée, wild pear jam, homemade loaf

3 250.-

Ham platter, butter, homemade sourdough bread

2 350.-

Warm appetizer

Fried veal leg cutlet, soft- boiled egg mayonnaise, brussels sprouts salad

3 250.-


Goose soup, “macesz” bread dumplings, marinated goose tongue (lf)

2 550.-

Baked quince and celery cream soup, toasted walnuts, brie cheese (gf)

2 150.-

Main course

Eggplant, tomato casarecce, ricotta, basil (v)

2 650.-

Black cod fillet, cabbage noodles, sauerkraut veloute

5 950.-

Grilled giant shrimp, salad (lf, gf) - 10 dkg/pcs.

3 450.-/pcs.

Caesar salad, chicken (lf)

3 550.-

Duck breast with liver, pumpkin, chestnuts

5 650.-

Mangalica trilogy, roasted cauliflower, black salsify, beets

6 950.-

Sirloin steak from Nádudvar, sweet potato puree, pickled shimeji mushrooms (gf)

8 950.-

Tonkatsu, grilled vegetables (lf)

6 650.-


“Mars veled” cake, pistachio ice cream

2 150.-

Blackcurrant mille feuille, mandarin sorbet

2 150.-

Orange chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream

2 150.-

Passion cream “soup”, fresh fruits (lf, gf)

2 150.-

French cheese selection, jam (v)

2 700.-

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