In addition to our constantly updated chef offer, we offer a weekly changing business menu between 12:00- 15:00.  

Weekly business menu
March 28.- April 1.

Mushroom cream soup (gf)

Main course
Crispy pork cheek, beetroot salad (lf)
Grilled perch- pike, savoy cabbage stew, potatoes (gf)

Raspberry curd, chocolate ice cream


Homemade brawn, cucumber, mustard mushrooms (lf)

2 650.-

Mangalica ham selection, olives, fresh baguette (lf)

2 850.-

Burrata, pear and pumpkin compote, beetroot caviar (gf)

4 350.-


Sweet potato cream soup, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds (lf, vegan)

1 950.-

Beef consomme (lf)

2 350.-

Fish soup (gf, lf)

3 850.-

Weekly business soup

2 300.-

Main course


Pearl bean „humus”, sweet carrot, toasted peanut (gf)

3 850.-

Vegan stuffed kale with lecho cream (gf, lf, vegan)

3 850.-


Homemade pasta with roasted tomatoes, spinach, garlic prawns

5 950.-


Octopus, beluga black lentils, chorizo​ (gf)

5 850.-

Salmon trout fillet, vegetables, celery puree (gf)

6 950.-

Branzino fillet, fennel, quinoa (lf, gf)

7 350.-


Farmhouse skin-on chicken breast fillet, bulgur risotto, pok choi

4 950.-

Fledermaus, parsley potatoes, cucumber salad

4 950.-

Fried calf’s liver, mashed potatoes, onions

4 950.-

Beef cheek „borscht” (gf, lf)

4 950.-

Duck breast, sweet potatoes, king oyster mushroom, kumquat (gf)​

6 950.-

Tenderloin, porcini mushroom, potatoes with horseradish (gf)

9 950.-


Plum dumplings

2 550.-

Lemon poppy seed cake (gf)

2 550.-

Hungarian autumn

2 550.-

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