In addition to our constantly updated chef offer, we offer a weekly changing business menu between 12:00- 15:00.  

Weekly business menu
June 5- 10.

Appetizer or soup
Quinoa salad, marinated salmon (gf, lf)
Tarragon veal ragout soup, potato dumplings (gf)

Main course
Hunagrian „macédoine of vegetables stew”, poached eggs (gf, lf)
Tuna steak, green bean salad with dijon mustard vinaigrette (gf, lf)
Venison and pearl barley stuffed pepper (lf)

Light chocolate cream, raspberries


Selection of artisanal delicacies, sourdough bread

2 950.-

Grilled cheese, rhubarb and strawberry compote, arugula salad (gf, v)

3 150.-

Smoked sturgeon, pickled vegetables, quail egg (gf, lf)

3 750.-

French style steak tartare, fried potatoes (gf, lf)

4 950.-


Cream of asparagus soup (gf, v)

2 350.-

Tomato soup, marinated vegetables, mozzarella foam (gf)

2 350.-

Rustic chicken soup, semolina dumplings (lf)

2 950.-

Main course


Caponata, pine nuts, basil, fresh bread (lf, vegan)

3 650.-


Homemade tagliatelle, shitake mushrooms, shredded venison

3 850.-

Ravioli stuffed with scallops, codfish, wild garlic

4 950.-


Grilled mackerel fillet, butternut squash, zucchini (gf)

5 950.-

Catfish tripes stew, potato sterz with ricotta cream

6 150.-

Grilled salmon trout fillet, asparagus, chicory (gf, lf)

6 350.-


Thyme chicken breast fillet, „rice with pea”, green pea foam (gf)

4 950.-

Green spicy stuffed lamb flank, soft polenta, roasted pepper salad (gf, lf)

5 850.-

Mangalica pork tenderloin, crispy bone marrow croquettes, summer bean stew

6 950.-

Wiener schnitzel, mustard potato salad

6 950.-

Tournedos Rossini, mashed potatoes with rosemary, madeira sauce

11 850.-


Passion soup, seasonal fruits

2 650.-

Hazelnut praline cake, blueberry sorbet

2 650.-

“Bonfire stack”

2 650.-

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