In addition to our constantly updated chef offer, we offer a weekly changing business menu
and a family menu on weekends.

Weekly business menu
august 8- august 12.

Appetizer or soup
Duck liver in its fat with vegetables and walnut bread (lf)
Tuscan tomato soup (lf)

Main course
Spicy cauliflower steak with polenta and wild mushrooms ragout (gf)
Coriander salmon fillet with sweet potato cream and roasted zucchini (gf)
Grilled chicken breast and almond potatoes with dried tomatoes and spinach (gf)

Coconut panna cotta with mango pineapple compote


Mangalica ham selection

2 550.-

Bufala mozzarella and tomato, crunchy toast (v)

3 650.-

Cheese selection with fruits and baguette

2 950.-


Hen soup with meat filled pasta and vegetables (lf)

2 350.-

Cold apricot soup with mango tapioca (lf, gf, v)

2 150.-

Main course


Empanada, green lecho with coriander (spanish pastry filled with vegetables) (lf)

2 950.-

Chickpea masala with fried carrots (lf)

3 950.-


Strozapretti with wild garlic pesto and shrimp

5 950.-

Duck papardelle with summer mushroom and pecorino

5 450.-


Sturgeon fillet with broccoli, garlic spinach, hollandaise (gf)

7 550.-

Salmon trout fillet with summer vegetable stew (gf)

6 950.-


Supreme chicken in smoked ham with arancini and baby root vegetables

4 950.-

Veal liver with duck heart and asparagus

4 750.-

Sage rabbit duo with tender beans and saffron apple puree (gf)

7 950.-

Fledermaus in crunchy coat, buttery parsley potatoes, cucumber salad

4 850.-

Beef sirloin, potatoes Anna, roasted mushrooms (gf)

7 950.-


Hazelnut cake, caramelia ice cream

2 350.-

"Cottage cheese dumplings" with mint strawberries

2 350.-

Piña Colada, lime-yogurt ice cream

2 350.-

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