Weekly business menu and family menu on weekends

In addition to our constantly updated chef offer, we offer a weekly changing business menu
and a family menu on weekends.


Mangalica ham selection

2 350.-

Duck liver terrine with rhubarb, spiced sweet bread with chili

3 250.-

Burrata cheese and tomato, crunchy toast (v)​

3 250.-

Cheese selection with fruits and baguette

2 750.-


Hen soup with meat filled pasta and vegetables (lf)

2 150.-

Cream of wild garlic soup with millet dumpling (gf)

1 950.-

Pistou ( french vegetable soup) (v,gf,lf)

1 950.-

Main course


Empanada, green lecho with coriander (spanish pastry filled with vegetables) (lf)

2 650.-

Grilled endive with squash cream, quinoa, vegetable crunch (lf,gf,v)

3 450.-


Strozapretti with wild garlic pesto and shrimp

5 650.-

Duck papardelle with morel and pecorino

4 950.-


Sturgeon fillet with broccoli, garlic spinach, hollandaise (gf)

6 950.-

Cod tempura with ponzu sauce, wild rice, vegetables with sesame seed (lf)

5 950.-


Supreme chicken in smoked ham with arancini and baby root vegetables

4 950.-

Veal liver with duck heart and asparagus

4 350.-

Lamb ribs with carrot textures

9 500.-

Fledermaus in crunchy coat, buttery parsley potatoes, cucumber salad

4 250.-

Beef sirloin, potatoes Anna, roasted mushrooms (gf)

7 650.-


Hazelnut cake, caramelia ice cream

2 150.-

"Cottage cheese dumplings" with mint strawberries

2 150.-

Piña Colada, lime-yogurt ice cream

2 150.-

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